We have 8 bags (5”x 16”x 20’) of “Care Fresh” Pet bedding.
Each bag weighs about 9 pounds, 4 ounces. times 8 bags equals 74 pounds
The store value is normally $21.00 a bag times 8 bags equals $168.00.
Sale $70.00. for all (8) eight bags. That’s about $8.00 a bag! 0r more than a
$100.00 in savings.

Call John or Kim at 610.253.8604.
Care Fresh pet bedding is environmentally friendly, bio degradable, last 2 times longer
than shavings, absorbs 3x its weight in liquid.
60 liter bag is free of inks, dyes, clay and chemicals.
Has suppressed odor control, i.e. ammonia- the primary odor in pet urine.
This pet bedding is used for rabbits, chinchilla, guinea pigs, hamsters and similar pets,
birds and reptiles.


John Primi Jr
Pet Bedding- CareFresh