1996 Oldsmobile Cutlass Ciera, 164xxx miles. Car runs good no problems with the engine or transmission, heat works, AC is so so it probably needs charged it blows cool but not cold. Interior is kinda rough and exterior has some rust and a dent in right front quarter (elderly woman I bought it from had hit the corner of her nephew's mechanic shop while pulling in to park needless to say she quit driving right after that and hence that's how I got the car) and there is a tiny crack on top of radiator I guess from when she damaged the car but I haven't had any big issue with it just kept an eye on the coolant level as it only leaks a little when it is very hot out. No damage to headlight or lens and it drives fine. It does need a multifunction switch for the headlights (got one from a junkyard but haven't had it put in). The turn signals and wipers still work just not the headlights. It also needs a fuse for the interior lights and radio and the passenger window switch doesnt work but the power window switches on the driver side all work. I put new 2 front tires on it in I believe in March and it is inspected until 10/ 2016. Asking 700.00. Price is negotiable. Car is being sold as is and I have told you everything it needs that I am aware of at this time. I was keeping this car as a back up (it was my daily driver up until a few months ago when I bought a newer car) but since I don't really drive it much anymore (once a week just to run it) I figured I'd sell it to someone who could use it instead of leaving it sit all the time.


Lisa Elliott
$700 OBO 1996 Oldsmobile Cutlass Ciera Inspected!