Everlast PowerCore Stand Heavy Bag for BOXING PUNCHING KICKING
Comes with Everlast Punching Gloves
High-density plastic neck provides maximum flexibility and resilience.
• Base is easily filled with water or sand for stability and
can also fit into smaller workout rooms, home use, and apartments.
Size: height 55” (4’7”), bag 13” diameter X 25 high. Seperates into two pieces.

• High grade, shock-absorbing foam with NEVATEAR™ outer layer increases durability.
This item features a tri-disc foam structure that provides you with the highest level of energy dispersion, and power transfer ring collars (PTR) are in place to offer superior impact absorption and recoil.

*The Everlast PowerCore Free Standing Heavy Bag was created to provide a full workout without the difficult and permanent problems associated with traditional heavy bag installation. New this cost about $150.00. It has been hardly used. Includes Everlast gloves.
It is being let go for $60.00.

This piece of exercise equipment is great for both beginners and professionals and can help them out during their cardiovascular and anaerobic workouts. Feel free to punch with power.
Get started with kicking and hitting for a great workout.


John Primi Jr
Everlast PowerCore Stand Heavy Bag