PA Hypnosis Center in Pittsburgh, will be hosting an Open house on Saturday from Noon - 4 PM. Please join us to find out how Dan Vitchoff has helped thousands of people in his career at the Pennsylvania Hypnosis Center. Whether it's weight Loss, to quit smoking, conquer your anxiety, or get over your fears and phobias, Dan has a program that can be helpful. Our Hypnosis programs have been proven to be safe and effective and we even offer a 98%Success Guarantee* on our hypnosis weight loss and stop smoking programs. WE OFFER GROUP DISCOUNTS, NOT GROUP SESSIONS, ALL OUR SESSIONS ARE ONE ON ONE AND INDIVIDUALIZED FOR YOUR NEEDS SO BRING YOUR FRIENDS, SAVE MONEY AND GET THE DISCOUNT, BUT BENEFIT FROM THE RESULTS OF ONE ON ONE HYPNOSIS. Discover how you, a friend and , or family member can once and for all take control of your life, Daniel S Vitchoff, MS Ed., CHt is a board certified and licensed Hypnotherapist who specializes in helping his clients lose weight, stop smoking, and reduce stress and anxiety. In addition to being Pittsburgh's most trusted and effective hypnotist, he is also the founder of the nationally acclaimed sports improvement technique, The 33 Method and Mental Training and Performance Coach for US Olympic Athletes! Admission is FREE and each participant will receive a FREE one on one Consultation and Evaluation with Pittsburgh's own Dan Vitchoff, Board Certified and Licensed Hypnotherapist. Space is limited and Reservations are strongly encouraged. Print this add to receive $50 off any program!! Call 724-934-8446 today to register for this life changing event or visit for more information! Calls are welcome 24 hours a day! Ask about our 98% success guarantee*

Tried 'everything' and still fail? Try Hypnosis! 98 Success Guarantee

PA Hypnosis Center in Pittsburgh, PA will be hosting an Open House on Wednesday, March 21, 2018 from 12pm (noon) to 6pm. Please join us to find out how Dan Vitchoff has helped thousands of people


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PA Hypnosis Center Open House